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Maya Ali Explores Baking in Quarantine!

The well-loved and famous actress Maya Ali is exploring her baking skills in quarantine. She was recently caught flaunting her skills on social media.

She took it to Instagram and share that her baking experiments continue in the quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak.

She wrote that her “quarantine baking continues”. She wrote that her first chocolate chip cookies were given approval by her mother. She further mentioned that it was fun to make them and even more fun to eat them.

She even posted a picture of herself in which she posed with the delicious cookies made by her.

The celebrity industry of Pakistan keeps on sharing their life in quarantine with their fans in social media, for keeping all motivated during these self-isolation times.

Some days earlier, the most loved and cherished singer both locally and internationally, Atif Aslam took it to social media and shared his take on the efforts being put in by the Prime Minister of Pakistan and the government in handling the COVID-19 crisis. He lauded the efforts and presented his services if need be to PM Khan.


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