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Osman Khalid Butt is not happy as PEMRA claiming Pakistani dramas ‘Bold’

The television broadcast authority issued a notice, saying that the “the Pakistani TV industry has always been recognised/appreciated for its quality and diversification.”

“However, over the time, it has been observed that the quality of Pakistani dramas is deteriorating every day”. Below is the picture of the notice:

Soon, after the notice issuing by the PEMRA, well-known drama serials actor Osman Khalid Butt responded to the claims by the authority and said that the present dramas are showing the true picture of Pakistan.

He also tweeted about the depiction of violence and issues at homes with a reference to a drama being directed by an NGO. He also stated that it is the open choice for the viewers of watching what they feel like watching and they can shift to some other channel easily if they don’t like any particularly soap.

Responding to the actor’s tweet, a social media user reacted to his views and stating that showing such bold things happening in the society are not to be shown in full detail. To which Osman Khalid Butt responded and said that such complaints by PEMRA hurt the stars as they are working hard and trying to entertain the audience.

In the past, some of the local dramas, including Baaghi and Udaari, which showcased social issues such as honour killing and child abuse, were criticised heavily by the people on social media and in discussions also.

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