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People tell us about their worst dating experiences, And we can’t stop laughing!

I thought dating is fun until I met all these people. Tbh they made me realize that meeting new people is not always fun sometimes you get to meet a person you were totally not expecting and and and one point is for sure please don’t believe on Facebook pictures, reality can be really harsh….
Some of them experienced some really funny shiz that I really wanted to write on my blog.

1. Salman, 29

“I once met a girl who already ate before the dinner date. She wouldn’t even take a bite because “she was soooo full”. Wasn’t it too weird? -.-

2. Laila, 19

He was being so smart over the Facebook chat, and when we met OMG!! He turned out to be a spy and has been stalking my whole family, cousins, friends and what not. Was totally a turn off for me at least. I mean who guy does so?


3. Amar, 32

“I’ve dated so many people and been on a lot of dates. But the worst one was with a girl who took pride in loudly belching after every five bites of her Spaghetti. I wanted to cry.”haah

4. Ali, 24

“I once met a girl after a week of great conversations on Tinder. She was nothing like it. To this day, I don’t know if a friend of hers was replying from her Tinder, because she was the EXACT opposite. I left when she went to the washroom, I didn’t even feel bad.”

5. Ayesha, 22

7. Zoya, 18

“I had a stalker. It was H O R R I B L E. I met him for a date once, and then I kept running into him. Every time he ran into me, he always stayed around. At one point I confronted him, and though he never accepted it, he did stop showing up everywhere I went.”\

I am sure after reading all these “BAD” experiences you will now hesitate to date a new guy and you really must. So beware and be careful with all these types of creepy people :p

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