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Raveena Tandon praises Pakistani air traffic controller!

Famous Bollywood’s actress and producer Raveena Tandon is in all praises for the Pakistani Air Traffic Controller for saving a flight en route Muscat from Jaipur from a dangerous accident.

Raveena Tandon took to social media, praising and thanking the Pakistani air traffic controller for saving a Jaipur to Muscat flight.

She in a tweet wrote, “When humanity wins over politics. Pakistani air traffic controller saves a flight from disaster”.


As being reported the plane was flying over Karachi and lost control due to a lightning strike. Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority’s air traffic controller helped guide the flight.

The flight en route Muscat from Jaipur which was carrying around 150 passengers. It went through an air traffic emergency and was prevented from colliding with other planes.

“Following the lightning strikes, the plane dropped down from an altitude of 36,000 feet to 34,000 feet almost immediately. As a result, the pilot initiated emergency protocol and broadcast ‘Mayday’ to nearby stations,” reported Live Mint.

“The air traffic controller from Pakistan responded to the call of the captain of the plane and directed it through the dense air traffic in the vicinity for the remainder of the journey in Pakistani airspace,” the report further adds.

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