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Rishi Kapoor has some advice for Imran Khan regarding COVID-19 pandemic

PM Imran Khan addressed his nation for the first time regarding COVID-19 on Tuesday earlier this week.

He asked Pakistanis to prepare for a coronavirus epidemic in the country but ruled out locking down cities to fight the disease. According to him, “there is no reason to worry.”

Looks like Rishi Kapoor heard what our PM had to say and had a little suggestion for him.

Said the actor, “With all due respect, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan should also advice his country to take adequate precautions.”

He went on to say, “People of Pakistan are also dear to us. Once we were one. We are concerned too. This is a global crisis. No ego matter this. We love you guys. Humanity zindabad!”

Imran Khan had indeed urged the nation to take precautions, discouraging large gatherings and encourage self-isolation for those coming from abroad. It is still nice to see Kapoor’s message of love and unity in a time where the world is engulfed in a pandemic.

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