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Strings latest track is out and it is awe-inspiring

Coming across their first single of ’30’ album, ‘Sajni’ and received raving reviews from fans nationwide, our very favourite band – Strings – has finally released their latest track. The track titled ‘Urr Jaoon’ is one of 8 tracks that the band has to offer as a part of their celebration of 30 years in the music industry!

Their latest masterpiece is quite different from ‘Sajni’ and that becomes clear as soon as you hear the track. Here it is;

Sung by Bilal Maqsood, the song displays little girls with pigtails, dressed up in black and portrayed towards domestic help. The video is captured in such a way that its not only visually pleasing but a piece of art that aims to highlight the importance of standing up against child labour.

The video captures the true essence of such a scenario with the little girls patiently waiting their next order and sit dejected at the far back, looking to serve the elite class. When Faisal Kappadia, sitting at the guests dinner table, drops his spoon, a new one is presented to him by an anxious girl. He then looks at his own reflection in the mirror and realizes just how wrong this entire situation is.

Talking about why the duo was releasing their songs one by one, Bilal said in a YouTube interview, “We want to give equal importance to all the songs which is why we don’t want to release them all together.” The song is reminiscent of the classic Strings uplifting songs, discussing how everyone regardless of gender, ethnicity or class deserves to be treated equally.

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