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Study reports – Using phone before sleeping causes fatigue

According to a new study shared by health experts, it has been concluded that using your mobile phone before going to sleep can result in weight gain.

In a video clip, Dr. Daniel Siegel briefly explained that (putting it according to the old saying), “A minute on the fingertips could mean a lifetime on the hips.”

Dr. Daniel says, “People are exposing their eyes to a stream of photons from electronic objects that basically tells your brain, ‘stay awake, and ‘don’t secrete melatonin yet, it’s not time for sleep.”

If you’re just going through your news feed and scrolling through your messages late at night, your focus forces you to stay up till late, meaning you get less rest. Further, if you attain less than 7 hours of sleep a night, your glial cells are unable to clean up the toxins our neurones produce, accordingly.

It has been concluded that there are only 5% of people who are not yet affected by these toxins, whereas 95% of us are affected as our insulin levels suffer. Insulin helps regulate our metabolism, and if you don’t get enough sleep it causes weight gain.

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