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"Sultan is based on a fake biography!" M. Sabir Ansari - The Real Sultan
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“Sultan is based on a fake biography!” M. Sabir Ansari – The Real Sultan

Gearing up the box office day after day till date, Sultan definitely came with a bang to all cinemas worldwide. The fans of Salman Khan rushed to the cinemas in the urge to get the earliest ticket with the best seat! However, not long after the release did the movie hit media attentions with a man claiming to be the real Sultan, filing a case in the court of law. He claimed to the fact that he had narrated his story to Salman back in 2010, after which the actor had committed to paying him 20 crore if the movie would be produced and directed.

The case had been running on the same scenario until there came a twist where the REAL Sultan claimed that the story directed in Sultan was not the actual story of his life and that his biography had been changed, hence claiming it fake!

Why is it that whenever Salman Khan comes up with a bang, that he always suffers a critical attack? Seems as though luck for Salman always appears with a side effect. One can just wait as to what Sallu bhai has to say on this new statement brought forward by Mr. M. Sabir Ansari, the REAL Sultan.

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