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Things every girl with curly hair can relate to!

Curly hair can be absolutely beautiful but there are so many negatives about having curls that are just annoying. As a curly-haired person being my best friend, I can understand the struggles curly-haired ladies have every day. There are loose curls, pin curls, ringlets, wavy curls, etc. All types of curls have their poison. Here are just a few negative things you know when you have curly hair.

Everyone has the desire to touch your hair

Water is not your friend

Most Of The Time, Frizz Wins


 If you regularly straighten your hair, people are amazed when they see your natural hair for the first time.

You get knots, and I’m not talking about dinky knots, but huge knots

Buns sometimes look like a rat’s nest

Most curly-haired people will find that their hair doesn’t hold straight for very long anyway

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