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It’s time for change in Hollywood proves ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

The most awaited movie by all the movie lovers was ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. This movie is an adaptation of a novel Crazy Rich Asians by Kavin Kwan. Diversity has always been a problem and topic of discussion in Hollywood to which celebrities stood up against. During all the equality movements women from all background got united and talked about it and one of them was ‘Fresh off the boat’ star Constance Wu.

Constance talked about how the media has stereotyped the Asians with specific characters and that too aren’t played by them. However she and rest of the cast managed to make an amazing sum of $76.8 million domestically since its debut. Let’s not forget even the best of  Disney the Incredibles 2 dipped 56% between its first and second week according to Comscore.

While this Warner Bro rom com managed to make $25 million on the box office once again in second week. That’s just a 6% drop from its first week which has gone unnoticed at the box office. The movie exceeded the expectations and opened as one of the biggest rom-com in years.

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