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Should Valentine's Day be celebrated or not?
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Should Valentine’s Day be celebrated or not?

Valentine’s Day is back again. Loads of individuals have been holding up dependably this day. This day offers lovers many ways to express their emotions.

So what’s wrong in taking a day off from the freaking busy lives we live these days to spend with someone we love. Why celebrating Valentine’s day is a bad thing?

Despite the objections from pious Muslims, many Muslims do celebrate the occasion, particularly in major cities where cards and chocolates are widely bought and gifted to mark the day.

Any guesses where they would otherwise be hiding to celebrate their day of love? These extremists need to understand that they cannot ever stop lovebirds, and by putting up these restrictions they are only making Karachi intolerant. These saints should simply accept that they are nothing more than a bunch of hypocrites doing nothing good for the society.

Apart from all this one thing I am not in favor of why should there be just one special day to tell your beloved how much they mean to you? This is supposed to be a daily mantra for relationships to go with bliss. In fact the very notion of expecting gifts on Valentine’s day has created this materialistic view about love these days. Sigh!

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