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Waqar Zaka launched his own political party and ummm kudos to his supporters

Reality show host Waqar Zaka was recently taken into custody and charged with possession of sheesha. Zaka later took to Twitter and clarified he was not arrested for possessing alcohol, neither was he under the influence of any other substance. He never fails to be in the news either for something controversial or either for something actually socially great.

This time he is in the news for coming up with his own party. Ummmm, yes really.

Zaka is launching a movement called ‘Tehreek-i-Tech’ to pay Pakistan’s debts.

“Since I am an engineering graduate from NED University, I have come to realize that technology is the only way to pay back the debts of Pakistan,” he said.

The movement aims to launch Pakistan’s first cryptocurrency.

“If Prime Minister Imran Khan launches Pakistan’s own cryptocurrency, our country will be able to get foreign investment from around the world to pay our debts,” he said.

The second aim of Zaka’s Tehreek-i-Tech movement is that he wants to revolutionise madrassas in Pakistan.

“The schools’ mafia in Pakistan only teaches the conventional ways of earning to the youth. My agenda is to target the madrassas and revolutionize them with science and technological education,” he said.

“To bring foreign exchange into the country we need to excel in IT and technological education should be made as important as zakat,” he said. “To educate the students we will have Skype sessions with madrassa students.”

The third aim of the movement is to fix Pakistan Space Programme.

Zaka said his source of inspiration was his trips to Syria and Burma. “As a reporter and a journalist my job is not only to record the issue but also to help people leave there. From this I got the inspiration to help my own country.”

His aim comes with a bet as well.

He thinks his movement can collect $4 billion in six months. “If it fails to do so I will never come on any television screens again.”

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