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Woman sues Disney World Resort after getting injured

You must have heard about a person suing pizza company for not delivering hot pizza but here’s something very strange. A woman named Lisa Dixon is suing Walt Disney World Resort after she says she was “dive-bombed” by a bird, suffering severe head and neck injuries, according to her lawyer and the lawsuit.

She said she was attacked in 2017 while walking on a dock along the Seven Seas Lagoon, according to a lawsuit filed last week in circuit court in Orange County.

“If there’s a company that’s well-versed in safety, it should be Disney,” Dixon’s lawyer Thomas Schmitt told the Orlando Sentinel.

A Disney spokesperson confirmed in a statement to Fox News.“We will respond to the allegations, as appropriate, in court,” 

The lawsuit, which is seeking damages exceeding $15,000, claims that the park was aware of the potential hazards from seasonal nesting birds. 


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