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Zahid Ahmed regrets nose job that went ‘terribly wrong’

On a video uploaded on his Youtube channel, Zahid Ahmed has opened up about his nose job gone wrong, calling the surgery stupidity, ungratefulness, and the mistake of worshipping ego on his part.

“The purpose of my channel is to be truthful to myself, and share my personal experiences that have helped me in becoming a better person in my life,” the actor begins.

He then opens up, exclaiming “Aaj ka topic hai ke maine apni naak kaise katwai” (today’s topic is, how I cut my nose, loosely translated to how I brought shame to myself.)

“This madness was only a product of my own brain,” the Ishq Zahe Naseeb star said, revealing that he would feel his performance being adversely affected when the camera would point at a certain angle, making him feel insecure.

“I would feel my left side of the nose was differently shaped than the right. Whenever the camera would come on my left, I would get conscious, nervous, and would often request the director to move the camera away to the other side. He always told me to focus on my work, and not on the intricacies – and truly, he was right. This madness is only in one’s own head.”

The actor claimed that “when a person is too involved in worshipping his own ego, he begins to find problems in himself, wanting to improve them. When in reality, these are not problems, because God has made everything so perfect.”

“I thought it was a common procedure, it won’t be such a big deal, a lot of people in the world get it done, and I can get it too. But in my case, it went terribly wrong.”

In the months following the procedure, things started to take an unexpected turn.

“Either I couldn’t take care of it as needed, or God disapproved of my decision.”

He then gracefully acknowledged his mistake, saying the purpose of the video was to address the numerous fans who bombarded him with one single question: What happened to your nose?!

“I want to request you all, that if you’re willing to go for something like this, the decision is yours at the end of the day, but please think about it 10,000 times. I’ve learnt that if you think you have a flaw, instead of focusing on it, you should focus on your blessings.”

“My nose is nowhere near the original but I thank God for being generous and keeping my honour intact. For not letting this be a halt in my work.”

The star wanted to address this issue in order to motivate people to learn a lesson through his painful experience. He then advised people to be comfortable in their own skin and to focus on the positives.

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