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Animals are being abused & killed by this leading international brands
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Animals are being abused & killed by this leading international brand

With the Internet and a plethora of information available right beneath our fingertips, it is extremely difficult to hide the facts; helpless animals living caged lives, which are ended gruesomely so that humans can wear fur and makeup. With new technology and innovation, needless to say, fur or animal tested products are far from necessary.

The true cost of a luxury bag might be more than you think. Every year, the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals and tans their skins and hides.

A graphic video is going viral, showing the horrific process of making a luxury crocodile skin handbag. Crocodile skin handbags are pricey but wait until you see what crocodiles are going through.

Can you help stop this cruelty? Can you stop buying products made from animal skins? Can you make sure you don’t end up with skeletons in your cupboards? Can you urge fashion brands to shed using exotic skins? Can you?

It seems that, for some, the cruelty towards animals is just the price to be paid for a fashion statement.

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