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Awkward moments you face living in a Pakistani family

Living in a Pakistani family???? hayee! Aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta k Pakistani family main reh kar aise awkward moments face na karen.

Watching an English movie with family and adult scene comes

Guests k anay se pehle hi when you try to eat and your Ammi is like:

Moment when you’re talking to your Jaaanu and ammi walks in

Sara din parho toh koi nahi dekhta, magar jab phone use karo toh…

Jab ghalti se you decide to wash dishes on sunday

When your ammi force you to talk to your door k rishte ki khaala

Jab shaadi main koi pooche “aray beta pehchaana?”

When you bharam se say “hamaray ghar toh light hi nahi jati”

but in the end you proud to be a Pakistani!

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