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Embrace your imperfections!

“Itna kum khati ho tou phir itni moti kese ho?”

“Tum tou apni ammi ki bhi bari behn lagti ho”
“Tmharay baal curled hen? Extenso krwalo”

Every time I look into the mirror, these vile and offensive dialogues force me to look at my imperfections. The imperfections which don’t let me live with confidence, the imperfections which I try hard to hide, the imperfections which I never tried to own!

Regrettably we live in a world where people’s judgments and opinions will never stop! If you are skinny they will be like, ‘itni patli kiu ho?” and by luck if you become a little healthy they will be like, “larkian patli achi lagti hen, join gym beta”.

In this vicious society who among us can claim not to have been appalled by unwanted people’s opinions and their unwelcomed judgments?

But this is the time we need to own and flaunt our imperfections! When you learn to embrace your imperfections, this is when you learn to be happy with who you are. Most importantly, you should know your worth instead of looking at yourself and your apparent flaws through the eyes of others.

Acceptance comes with great gains because when you know the art of accepting yourself you stop caring about people’s opinions. You stop living to impress people and eventually taking away all the pressure on you to pose what you are not originally. This is for you to realize that to be perfect in your imperfect skin is the most natural thing because it makes you own yourself!

Accept your flaws and let go of the society’s idea of perfection. You will eventually meet your originality—your own self. So don’t abandon yourself when the inner critic judges your flaws and outer fault finders degrades you, You were born to be real not perfect!

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