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From cat fights to jammed streets - A literal Black Friday !
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From cat fights to jammed streets – A literal Black Friday !

Black Friday was celebrated yesterday; 25 November 2016. The anticipation and expectation of the day had been on skies for weeks, since the deals had started rolling throughout the social media. Finally, with all its glory the doors to the much awaited event of the year opened and all the unexpected happened.

It was sad, no worse, to see ladies shouting their heads off and attacking each other just to get the last piece of the item which was on sale. The roads were jammed and packed with cars as people rushed to get their hands on the hottest items available. What’s more is that the Smartphone app of the famous shopping portal which had been teasing its preparations for the day, crashed due to excessive use. Food that had been ordered with the Black Friday special discounts arrived hours late and that too without its signature taste.

This is the point to ponder over. Are we as a nation so shallow that a single day where the commodities are at sale; we stoop so low to buy them? Is this necessary to stand hours in line in order to get the stuff in a discounted rate? Do we even put our ethics in consideration while fighting for a mere piece of shirt? This is definitely getting out of our hands.

Pakistan has become the worst victim of “Black Friday Sales’ and to sales in general. People make lists and stock their money for months, in order to, shop during this single day. It is completely okay to buy during the sales as we all love to save some money here and there. But it is limitless to not acknowledge that the companies, products and retailers are using these days as the tools of enticing audience and to earn bigger than ever.

The one who is in the darker end is the buyer not the seller! So, whom should we blame? Who is the one destroying their own self-respect and reputation?

In the end, the only thing I would like to pre-dominantly mention is that Black Friday is indeed a great day for the shopping lovers and everyone, as well. The excitement and the rush to order the most wanted products let us forget the unfortunate happenings around the country, for once. However, the events that happen during the day leave us disappointed on the notion of being shoppers. It will be beneficial if we keep the positive excitement pre-sale to the actual day of the sale too.

Let me leave you with the question that, “Do we really need Black Friday as a single day of excessive shopping”?

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