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Neelum Munir's cheap publicity stunt is just for limelight
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Neelum Munir’s cheap publicity stunt is just for limelight

Celebrities are known for hogging the spotlight wherever they go, but for getting that extra attention they resort to cheap publicity stunts. Some do it for promoting their movies while others do it to remain in the limelight.

Since a popular official page on social media isn’t always guaranteed, most of the celebs have become obsessed with posting every little details of their life and Neelum Munir is definitely one of them.

A video has been going for viral since yesterday gaining immense likes, comments, and shares. This lady is seen dancing to the rhythm of a Bollywood song.

People and different websites have supported this cheap public stunt of her, claiming that we need to change our mindset and be liberal. Like really? Do we need to change our mindset for this?

We all do fun things at all kind of levels and if that was just for fun then why make it public? Back at time she was everything, but these days she’s really trying to garner attention folks. Those cheap moves are something to make people remember her name.

I don’t feel sorry to say but these steps are not something we need to change our mindset for. These so called ‘Liberals’ support her saying that we all do such kind of things so why judge others. Seriously? Do you post everything you do?

This all is known as media manipulation and works very well on unsuspecting fans who eat the deception right up. In simple word desperate call for the world’s immediate attention.

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