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Who is the real Shah rukh Khan?
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Who is the real Shah rukh Khan?

Just recently, I came across a picture which I cannot even believe, but was of SRK. What left me stunned after seeing it was that “Is he the actual Shah Rukh Khan? Is the picture photo-shopped? Is it just a prank or something else?” Without much ado, I will let you see the picture yourself and decide if its actual or not!

Who is the real Shah rukh Khan?

Apart from the picture, a caption also stated that this is what, in actual, Shah Rukh Khan looks like. As per the source, this is the real SRK without wig and makeup and that the picture was snapped last week when he went hospital for the surgery.

This might comes as a tremendous shock for everyone who claimed to be the biggest fan of King Khan and thought of him as the ever-green charm. If he is as handsome as you think he is, remains a mystery. But, take this news with a grain of salt as everything you see on social media is not always true.

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