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Shaan Shahid just insulted all those who criticized his film Arth!

Shaan Shahid who is a versatile actor and is one of the handsome looking guy we have in Pakistani film industry is known for his straight forward remarks about anything. He worked in many films; be it Punjabi hit films, his stupendous performance in Khuda K Liye, Shaan Shahid has earned his name in the Pakistani film industry.

Recently, his film Arth released all over Pakistan. Keeping in mind that Pakistani film industry is growing rapidly and everyone encourages the film lovers to go and watch Pakistani movies. Shaan was expecting the same from his film, but it turned out that the Pakistani awaam didn’t show any interest in watching this movie in cinema.

While those who watched the movie, gave a vwery positivwe view on the topic, acting and songs!

Shaan on the other hand talked about those who didn’t go and watched the movie instead gave negative remarks.

Here’s what Shaan has to say:

Soon after his post he received negative comments from many followers.


Shaan later deleted his post and stated that it was his management who runs the page and posted what the journalists were saying.


There was another tweet which was later deleted from his account and that tweet was something we didn’t expect from Shaan:

This tweet was made in reply to those comments who gave disgusting comments on his movie.

Let’s see what next Shaan has to say about all this. If his management is handling all of his pages they should take permission before publishing something from his page. He should know what damages he could face due to these comments.

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