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Struggles ‘Mun-Phat’ people face in this matlabi duniya

Kehte hain Fake hone se acha hai banda straight forward ho. Lekin jab koi straight forward hota hai toh log usay “Mun Phat” hone ka award dedete hain. But actually Mun Phat hona bhe ek struggle hai or is matlabi dunya main koi nahi jo isko samjhe. When it comes to honest opinions, straightforward people suffer the most.

Here are some of the struggles mun phat people face everyday!

Kabhi kabhi toh kuch na karo tab bhe log judge hi karte hain, thanks to your bluntness

Your friends ask for your fashion advice lekin sach sunne k liye koi tayyar nahi hota

You don’t know how to do gossip and lagayi bhujayi because you like being straight forward

You’re not so favorite of any khaala and phuppo because you’re blunt

Your friends always think that you’re mean but actually you’re not

Its actually confusing for people to understand when you crack a joke and when you’re serious

But no matter what, you like being yourself

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