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This traffic police officer stopped a guy from breaking rules & proved “sab police wale ek jaise nahi hote”

We all have brought up listening that Pakistan ka toh nizaam hi kharab hy. Chahe woh politicians hon, VIP culture or chahe corruption lene wali traffic police. We all have seen police taking extortion without any fear. But we never realize that we also sometimes break rules which we never admit. We came through a video in which a guy taking a wrong way on the main road at Gulistan-e-johar where a traffic police officer tried to stop him, and instead of apologizing, the guy started misbehaving and showing him the power of journalists. Being a journalist doesn’t mean that you can break rules and do what you don’t expect others to do. Being a “responsible citizen” we must first obey all the rules and then criticize the system because ungli uthana buhat asaan hay or amal karna buhat mushkil.

Here I’ll leave it to you guys to watch the video and judge yourself.

Like five fingers are not same, similarly not every police officer are same. And this police officer just proved it.


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