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After Zainab another girl shares horrific story of how she was molested

We all know what happened with the baby girl Zainab, her sad story is on everyone’s mind. Just when the story revealed of how her body was found after 5 days from kachra is still making us shiver. We can’t even imagine what her family must be going through. It was not only Zainab who died but that day we all dies, humanity died and that darinda is still roaming around freely!

While we all are fighting for Zainab for her to get justice, another girl shared her side of the story how she was molested in her childhood. She posted her story in a group as an anonymous so that her parents wouldn’t know about it.

Here is her story:

“It happened with her 20 years ago, she couldn’t share it with her friends and family! It haunts her even after living with this reality for 20 freaking years. She further went on and said, “I can still feel it happening. But today I have decided to speak up, may be as anonymous because I never want my family to know about it as it will shatter them. After what baby Zainab faced, I want people to be aware of the heinous acts happening in the society.”

She was 6 when he first put his hand inside her personal parts. We all can understand very well how she must be feeling at that time of the age, may be a feeling of discomfort! He was a 70 year old namazi parhez gaar and she was an innocent 6 year old! As we can understand what sort of thinking a 6 year old must be having, it took a couple of days to realize that this was not right. But when she thought of telling it to her mom; a week later, she heard people blaming young girls aged 7-10 years of lieing about him, because he was a religious, namazi parhaizgar. And this is when she decided she can’t let people point fingers at her. She was 6 and helpless. “I tried to avoid going to his shop, but some how I had to because my mom used to send me to get the stuff . Even if I ever refused, I had no words to describe the pain I felt every time I visited the shop. The burning, the discomfort, the pain is something I can still not forget. Multiple infections, constant burning ended me to make multiple visits to the doctor who sensed something was not right and advised my mom to talk. My mom hugged me several times does anyone touch you inappropriately, our driver? Our maali? The chawkidar? Some one at school? While I waited for her to take one particular name which of course she never took because she had not an inch of an idea someone so naik and close to the family can do this. With time he started blackmailing too that I have done a written promise that I will let him do it and if I will refuse he will tell everyone that I am a bad kid. Yes I was HELPLESS. Yes I SURRENDERED. All this continued for 5 freaking years until we shifted. Then everything came back to normal.”

15 years to this, she still get nightmares, she wakes up shouting at night. She can’t think of marrying someone with the fear of not being able to hide this and ending up messing the relationship. She hates people getting close to her or sleeping beside her, be it her girl friends or cousins.

But by the end of the day I survived! And striving every single to live a normal life in this cruel world. I do get panic attacks when I think it was all my mistake because I hid it from my mom,but I was scared, and so is every child facing it! Learn to be frank enough to your kids, ask them openly, don’t ever ignore consecutive health issues. Help them in speaking up! People at times say “aisa hota hai bht”, but lets learn to speak up “aisa bilkul bhi nahi chale ga”

Parents should make their children so comfortable so that they could speak about anything with them. Be their best friend. Support them. Talk to them. It’s our responsibility to look after these things. Ye bhayanak gunah is mulk mein barhta hi ja raha hai. Isay jitna jaldi ho sakay khatam hona chahye warna aise hi masoom bachiyaan apni jaan daiti jayeingi aur hum sirf protest hi karte raheinge kyunke is government ne na kabhi kuch kia hai aur na hi kuch karegi!

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