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13 Reasons why winter is amazing!

We can already hear the masses screaming “noooooo, bring back summer!” Don’t get us wrong, we’re not against the summer… We just get excited everytime a new season starts to creep in. The truth is, we absolutely LOVE winter season, and here’s 13 reasons why:

1. Winter Food

Winter food, is the best kind of food, and although Pakistan is known for it’s amazing cuisine, winter is when the local dishes come into their own!

You can’t beat a Swiss fondue, a Raclette or the hearty local Rösti!

2. Binge watching your favourite series

It’s a great excuse not to leave the house, and instead, cozy up in your fluffy duvet with a pile of cushions and drink your weight in hot Swiss chocolate while watching Netflix.

3. The perfect temperature for exercising

First of all, who enjoys sweating? ok, so maybe some of you do… but seriously… it’s generally way too hot in summer to go running around. Besides, you burn more calories in the winter due to your body working harder to regulate it’s core temperature among the cold elements.

You’ll also burn off some of that brown fat! “Excuse me? Brown fat?” That’s right folks, we have different types of fat. Some brown fat has stayed with us since the early ages of baby-hood and when it gets cold, our bodies use this type of fat as energy.

4. Other health benefits

Cold weather reduces inflammation all over… just like putting a cold pack on an injury but on a much larger scale. The cold also fights infection!

5. Cleaner air

High ozone levels are associated with spring and summer months. You know… heat, sun, increased chemical reactions that produce ozone. In winter however, the weather systems usually promote the mixing of layers in the atmosphere, diluting the pollutants… ahhhhh that crisp winter air… breathe it in!

6. No mozzies!

Bugs like mild to warm weather and tend to slow down and freeze to death in winter… yay!

7. Less work, more play.

Think about it… Christmas holidays… New Years holidays… push those out a little, yeah you see where I’m going with this.

8. Mind over matter

Our brains function better in the cold. The cooling body requires more energy than warming it up. Warm temperatures, therefore, use up our resources (in particular glucose) quicker. Glucose is used for mental processes. In the real world, that means we’re more likely to have increased brain function in colder temperatures. It’s science. Time to get onto those difficult brain-intensive tasks you’ve been putting off!

9. Sleep well zzz

Cooler temperatures help release melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleep. Another bonus of melatonin is its anti-ageing effects. Sleep deep and wake up younger… how good is winter!

10. Fashion

In summer you’re just like everyone else. T-shirt, shorts… uhm yep, that’s about it. In winter… OMG, you are SO faaahhsshun!

Our options are limited in the summer, in winter, however, the possibilities are endless! You get to pull out all those long pants, the nice boots, awesome overcoats, hats, layer after layer of amazing fashion!

11. It’s beautiful

Snow turns everything into a wonderland. It also naturally dampens sounds. Getting out into nature during the winter is a completely different experience to summer… serenity now.

12. Oh, it’s the festive season!

Almost all humans in the northern hemisphere get a little silly during the winter holidays. The Interlaken winter is no exception. The Ice Magic rolls into town as well as an abundance of Christmas markets!

13. Winter activities are fun!

There’s way too many to list, but some of our favourites around playing cards with your siblings is top of the list.

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