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6 amazing health reasons to eat raw mango every day

Raw mango is one of the most relished foods during summer holidays and it makes us nostalgic about our childhood, as all of us must have had ate this crunchy, succulent and tangy fruit drizzled with chilli powder and salt. In fact, you may be surprised to know that raw mango juice serves as a yummy thirst quencher this hot season.

The myriad of essential vitamins in green mango such as vitamin C, K, A, B6 and folate provide a host of healing benefits. Ayurveda widely recommends raw mango for treating digestive issues, promoting healthy vision and for losing weight.

Shields From Intense Heat

A glass of raw mango juice is a great refreshment drink after working out. This reduces the effects of sweltering heat and prevents dehydration by correcting sodium and other mineral imbalances in the body. As vital minerals are depleted out into your sweat during summer, raw mango serves as an ideal food to keep your body cool.

Treats Digestive Problems

Raw mango is an amazing natural remedy to treat gastrointestinal issues which are on the rise during summer. It stimulates the secretions of digestive juice and promotes the health of the digestive tract by treating constipation, indigestion, acidity, heartburn, morning sickness and nausea.

Heart Healthy

The richness of essential B vitamin niacin and fibre in raw mango promotes the health of the heart. It helps in lowering cholesterol levels, improves blood circulation and prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Promotes Liver Health

Raw mango is great to promote the health of the liver and treats liver ailments. It stimulates the secretions of bile acids and increases the absorption of fat by cleansing the toxins out of the body.

Dental Health

Raw mango is a powerful veggie in eliminating bad breath, treating bleeding gums and it lowers the risk of tooth cavities. If you wish to have strong and cleaner teeth start eating raw mango.

Bolsters Immunity

The goodness of vitamin C, A and essential nutrients in raw mango triggers the immune system, improves vision, makes your skin and hair healthy and lowers the risk of prostate cancer.

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