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Kids’ Face Shields Are Now Being Locally Sourced at Affordable Prices!

Pakistan is effectively manufacturing economical face-shields of the highest quality for school-going children as the government braces itself to reconvene educational organizations which have been closed down since March due to the pandemic.

Zia Haider, designer of the shield, said while presenting a demonstration on Sunday, that preceding the designing of shields a series of result-oriented consultations were held with a team of top medical professionals, scores of principals and headmasters/headmistress in Lahore to recognize the psyche of the pupils so that they feel at ease while wearing shields in class and their faces should also be clearly visible to the professors.

“Our company is first in Pakistan which was awarded European Union “CE” certification for “Face Shields” to manufacture and export. “SPEL” the manufacturer has been assessed and found to comply with the EU PPE regulations,” he said.

Haider revealed that company under the prevalent conditions in the country and on the special request, Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar has calculated an affordable meager price of Rs150 for a shield so that even the students who are underprivileged can afford it.

These face shields, he said, are lightweight, washable with soap and water, provide full facial protection, are comfortable to wear, conducive to breathing, and the first armor against splashes and mist.

“It is made of a transparent PET sheet using local technologies with local resources,” Haider added.

Iftikhar Ali Malik, who was the main guest at the event, congratulated the company for creating the best quality face shield to meet the local demands and hopes that it will help contain the spread of the pandemic when schools reconvene on September 15th, across the country.

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