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After yoga, meditation breaks into the mainstream
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After yoga, meditation breaks into the mainstream

It’s 5pm and there we come across our daily rush hour, heading home straight for that daily dose of peace and quiet. Well, why not a half hour session of meditation? Ever think about it? Coming across a new generation of millennials and well, the changing perspective of fitness and regime, there is a new trend settling in, turning tables round from yoga to meditation.

As per training expert Julia Lyons (31) from the USA who has recently shifted her studio from a yoga institute to meditation sessions,

“I have been meditating pretty regularly — probably five times a week, 30-minute sessions.”

“I just need a moment to chill out. This city — you are always running place to place and there are not a lot of quiet spaces.”

“I think it´s made me a lot happier and also just helped me make better decisions, more thoughtful decisions.”

Meditation is known to promote mental well-being under deep concentration, breathing techniques and self-awareness. For a long time we have seen many praising its presence and worth, being mostly intellectuals, celebrities or people dedicated to spirituality.

Meditation gained popularity in the West owing part to the Beatles, who promoted the practice on their return from India in the late 1960’s. However, in the present time, meditation can only be found in some particular areas of life, that is from hospitals for patients to schools and morning television shows.

But, no matter the level or height of its doings, the craze is a result of many factors, not to mention the multiple benefits and life worthy gains confirmed by neuroscientists on meditation.

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