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Adnan Sami has something to say again & we aren't interested

Adnan Sami has something to say again & we aren’t interested

Adnan Sami, former Pakistani and the most controversial & useless human in this planet, has once again returned back with the controversy that no one wants to hear about. Why would we want to do anything related to Mr. Sami anyways?

Sami has said that Pakistan should return back “self-confessed” RAW spy Kulbushan Jadhav to India. The only thing positive he said during his interview was that Pakistan and India should come together to resolve all the issues amicably.

Giving his two cents on the Kashmir issue, he said:

“Dialogue is the only way forward. Kashmiris and Indians should sit down and talk things out. All conflicts should be resolved with love and peace.”

While he thinks that Pakistan should so easily let go of the terrorist that had been brewing unwanted activities in the country since a long time, we wonder if he would have been saying the same thing if it happened with India. How can he forget that it is “his” state that is continuously accusing Pakistan of breeding terrorists, while sending back to back spies to our country.

We don’t need your opinion Adnan Sami. Please back off!

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