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Aesthetic enhancements are not just for celebrities!

I see a lot of comments, trolls and posts rolling over how our Pakistani celebrities get their plastic surgeries done.

Firstly, their facial features are their assets and bringing minor changes means getting better looks! which gets them work and provide “YOU” entertainment.

Be it, every popular artist male/female! (that is a bitter truth)
Well, they have a reason to bring changes which is the requirement of their work.

Secondly, Why a normal person who has nothing to do with the camera life does that?
to overcome their insecurities” :)))).

And according to the survey, people get awestruck with their features and run after the top notch Aesthetics/skin/dental experts.
So please look at your own self before pointing fingers at others

These” know it all’s ” darling , whatever is within their approach or pocket is not all that is REAL.

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