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Amna Raheel just got a birthday surprise from Fawad Khan

The motivational speaker Amna  Raheel, who is also a huge fan of Fawad Khan actually got a chance to meet the Humsafar star on Sunday night and hasn’t been able to believe that her dream actually came true.

She wrote on her Facebook post, “This year on my birthday a well wisher who knows me through social media reached out to me and gave me the BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER. She sent me a voicenote of Fawad Khan wishing me but to my surprise she had bigger news. FAWAD KHAN WAS COMING TO KARACHI AND WANTED TO MEET ME FOR TEA.”

The post actually shows how excited and happy Amna was after meeting with Fawad Khan. He also turned out to be the most humble and down to earth person who is just like normal humans.

Fawad also wanted the meet to be a private affair without making it to social media, since everyone’s quick to jump on the publicity stunt bandwagon, but then again this was not just something normal or something to miss, “It’s not everyday that you’re lucky enough to have tea with Fawad Khan.” and we agree to what Amna said.

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