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Filmmaker Sohail Jawed takes Jami to court over allegations of sexual assault

An alleged sexual assault of a woman artist at Lahooti Melo in Jamshoro has brought two film directors Jamshed Jami and Sohail Jawed face to face in the court of law after the former read victim’s letter at the same event in 2018 that accuses a famous filmmaker of harassment, though it doesn’t take names.

The sexual assault reportedly took place at Lahooti Melo in 2016 which was organised by the Sindh’s culture and tourism department at Jamshoro.

Here is how it all began with Jami’s stance over the assault through his Facebook status:

One of the organisers of the event, Saif Samejo, resigned after he got a letter from the victim, who chose to remain anonymous for her safety,

However, Jamshed Jami forced him to reveal the truth behind his withdrawal then Saif Samejo handed Jamshed Jami the letter from a nineteen-year-old artist, who was abused by the filmmaker.

Later on, in 2018, Jami read out the letter at the Lahooti Melo. The letter told the story of the artist and how she met the famous director who took her to his apartment and raped her.

“I left the country and it took me two years to overcome it,” she wrote, adding that she decided to share her story because she knew that she was not the only one who fell prey to him.

“There are other young girls too and they feel as helpless and hopeless as I did when I went through this abuse. And he hasn’t stopped. He continues. Many others like him feel even more powerful because survivors like me are quiet. I could not stay quiet anymore,” she added.

“The people to whom this concerns, by now, must have figured his name out by the details I provided above. It is upon them to show their integrity, exclude sexual predators like him from their social circles and discourage this behaviour by not subscribing to their art again, or go they can back to work on their current moral grounds which continues to take and damage countless young lives. Many people in the industry know and still, continue to work with him. I wonder if our society is mature enough to hold them all accountable for this disease their favourite celebrities and people in power, allow to spread? I am not sure,” the letter implored.

The letter drew a strong response from Sohail Jawed, who took Jami to the court for reading out the letter at a public festival.

When contacted, Jamshed Jami said that the truth will come out during the proceeding of the case. “I have full faith in the justice system and I believe the truth shall prevail”.

The organisers of the Lahooti Melo told the media that they were not able to comprehend Sohail’s decision to take Jami to the court. “We do not know why the specific person has done this against Jami and what makes that person think that it was for him,” they added.

In response to the entire scenario, many have come about sharing their opinion and points of view out of which a close friend, Amna Alam stated:

Jami and Saif are men to be admired. In this sick society where trying to do right by a victim is ridiculed and even those who know in their hearts what the truth is stay silent, these two men decided to do what their hearts told them to.
Being silent is not being ‘fair’. It’s being a coward who is looking for their own personal benefits in the face of a chance to call out evil.
All this man did was share an anonymous letter of a girl. No one was named. He felt for her plight and that of so many others like her in our industry. No names were taken.
He was bashed by the society at large. Threatened and challenged at every turn.
And now a guy steps up and says I want to sue you because this is about me. 🤦🏻‍♀️
Anything to silence the truth. Sickening.
Accountability is seeping into this world slowly but surely. Think strong and hard what side of history you want to be on.
More power to Saif and Jami. May you be blessed always. Thank you for doing what you do. ♥️🙏🏼

The court decision is going to be held today and we hope that this matter resolves before things get caught up in more chaos than they already have due to unfortunate streams.

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