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Ghamand started off with a great beginning!

The much awaited drama “Ghamand” by Sadia Jabbar Productions commenced last Friday on June 29, 2018 on APlus TV. The star cast includes the very charming “Sunita Marshall” and the very talented “Noman Ijaz”. It is penned by Saira Raza and directed by the brilliant Asim Ali. Saida Jabbar is known for her in depth character development and captivating narratives.

Here is what happened in first episode:

The drama starts with the stellar couple’s eyeing game; depicting clear fondness for each other! The protagonist “Shaheena” (Sunita Marshall) is a “spoiled” only daughter of a filthy rich businessman. We are shown that she is in love with Maqsood from past five years and is waiting for him to express.

In the meantime, Maqsood’s (Noman Ijaz) mother asks him to take her to Shaheena’s home. Maqsood’s face lits and his mother recognizes his contentment. Maqsood arrives at her home and Shaheena gets excited about the news. There, they have some double-meaning conversation that clearly portrays her proud and over confident nature. Maqsood and his mother plans to marry him with Shaheena but they have a huge social class deference.

We are also shown that Shaheena’s only brother is dead and her sister in law feels a little jealous of her. “Abba Jee” is over possessive about Shaheena and loves her immensely. He seems worried about Shaheen’s rishta and wants a shehzada for his only daughter.

The drama ends on a clear note that Maqsood is giving her clues about how much he likes her! We love this amazing couple’s on-screen chemistry. Like always they are nailing their roles! This captivating drama serial airs every Friday at 8pm on APlus TV.

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