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Is Ali Rehman Khan playing a ‘bewafa husband’ again?

Currently, the actor is making waves with his ongoing drama serial Khaas. In Khaas, we see him opposite Sanam Baloch, perfectly portraying the picture of an extremely flawed individual; who’s a flirt and has extra-marital affairs despite having a sensible, educated and a pretty wife.

However, his next play “Bewafaa” also revolves around a similar theme. It’s a production of Fahad Mustafa which is soon going to be on air. We’ll see the actor working alongside Naveen Waqar and Ushna Shah.

The short teaser of Bewafaa shows Ali Rehman and Naveen Waqar as husband and wife having a kid too. And then we see Ushna Shah, with whom Ali is probably having an affair.

The drama is all about the “dusri biwi” concept according to Ali, which means that he might end up marrying Ushna Shah. It is surely going to be an interesting drama serial. Let’s see what happens as the story reveals.

Apart from Bewafaa, Ali Rehman Khan has many other projects in the pipeline which will hopefully be disclosed in the months to come.

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