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“Kareena Kapoor destroyed my career” – Bobby Deol

Did you know the super hit film Jab We Met was previously offered to Bobby Deol. Yes, only a few people know that Shahid was not the first choice of the film.

In one interview, Bobby Deol said that Kareena herself recommended Shahid Kapoor for Jab We Met and that’s why Shahid got that film.

According to Bobby Deol, since he watched Imtiaz Ali’s Socha Na Tha he became a fan of Imtiaz’s storytelling. When he was supposed to work in Jab We Met, that time the film was titled as ‘Geet’. Even Bobby Deol was in talks with production house Ashtivinayak and Imtiaz Ali for the film.

However, later the production house refused to make this film saying that it was an expensive venture. Later, Kareena also didn’t meet Imtiaz Ali. After 6 months, Bobby Deol got a shock when the film was announced as ‘Jab We Met’ with the final cast – Kareena and Shahid Kapoor.

Bobby believes that if Kareena didn’t reject him in the film, Jab We Met could have been a turning point in his career.

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