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Mahira Khan speaks up over naming, shaming coronavirus patients

Our very favourite Mahira Khan has come up with a message defining us the ‘dos and don’ts’ that we should look out for as the country suffers through the global pandemic at large.

Mahira Khan shared her concern over the spread of Covid19 across the country and focused on how important was social distancing, washing hands, avoiding panicking and other key issues as she voiced the issue in her video shared on her Instagram account.

Mahira Khan said that she has observed that some online users were naming and shaming people for contracting the virus.

“The thing which I’ve been seeing a lot online is naming and shaming online,” she said adding that this was a new thing for people and all of them are trying to deal with it in their own ways.

The actor said that all of them are in the situation together and it’s time to be good to one another and more responsible as human beings.

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