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Miss Pakistan USA is all set to win our hearts

Pakistani women continue making a name for themselves and for their country on international grounds. May it be Oscar winner Sharmin Obaid Chinoy, or Miss Pakistan Anzhelika Tahir, Pakistani women from different walks of life are unstoppable. Among these is Sarish Khan, who won 2015 Miss Pakistan USA.

Recently this beauty shared her plans for new year and her first initiative is targetted towards alleviating human trafficking.

Sarish has launched ‘WeModelUSA’ with her business partner Patricia Watts. WeModelUSA is a platform that serves as a modelling competition and also to help raise awareness of human trafficking.

The platform is meant to bring awareness to global issues through arts and mainly the modelling industry. “They say a picture is worth a thousand words and as a model you have the power to create global impact without uttering a word. But I urge you to go beyond what is asked of you, to break barriers, push your limits, and be the bearer of hope. #liveoutloud,” she added.

Surprisingly, the issue of human trafficking came to her attention through football, and that too the Super Bowl while she was browsing online for tickets for this year’s game.”I missed out on the 2016 season since I was in Pakistan and was contemplating attending the Super Bowl in 2018.”

Sarish is hopeful she’ll receive support from Pakistan and its government in this campaign.

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