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On Bilal Abbas Khan’s Special Day- Here’s Everything that makes the Heartthrob of the nation so Special!

The star who rose to fame with incredible performances and his effervescent on-screen charm- there is no other name like Bilal Abbas Khan currently in the industry. The actor has made it to our critical radars at some point in time for all the right reasons- and on top of that, we have never seen him make news for any wrong reasons. Given it is the star’s birthday today, no better time to appreciate this incredible performer, right? Let’s delve into all the reasons we think he is the next big thing in the Pakistani Entertainment Industry!

Oh, what an Actor!

Three words for you. Pyar Ke Sadqay. Do you hate Abdullah? Do you love Abdullah? Has he left you a bit confused? Well, if so, this is down to Bilal Abbas Khan’s brilliance as an actor. This is a complicated and complex character that could easily have veered into a caricature. But this young actor has grasped the character’s tonality perfectly. It is just another example of how Bilal can make the audience connect with whatever role he is playing. With a variety of plays such as Balaa, Cheekh, Pyar Ke Sadqay, and O Rangreza, he has established his versatility as an actor in such a short period of time.

What more can one ask for?


The Sense of Script

You could be a world-class actor, but a weak script can make you look a bit foolish. Thankfully, Bilal Abbas Khan has an impeccable sense of a quality script. This allows him to pick and choose roles that challenge and bring the best out of him. With every new play, you see an entirely new man. That is a testament to his supreme abilities, but also he doesn’t allow anyone to typecast him.

Those brooding looks

Well… maybe that should’ve been on the top of our list. He is something, isn’t he?


His Social Media Presence

In a world of staged management of social persona, the Balaastar comes across as authentic and genuine. He isn’t afraid to show his goofy side, his social messaging is on point, and you aren’t bombarded with promotional material. And hey his pictures aren’t half bad (ahem, really good) to look at.


Speaks from the Heart

Whenever he appears for an interview, you see him connect with the audience. It is only possible because he speaks from his heart. He isn’t afraid to talk about his career choices, his family, and show his human side. This makes him a real superstar.


So Happy Birthday, Bilal Abbas Khan! Keep working hard, keep making us laugh, and cry, and we promise to shower you with love and admiration forever!

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