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People can’t stop discussing Adele’s weight loss!

When the singer recently resurfaced on social media after being MIA for months to thank essential workers at the frontlines and everyone who wished her happy birthday, the internet was only focusing on one thing. Yep, you guessed it. Her weight.

For years now, people have been comfortable judging her on the one thing that has nothing to do with her talent: her body. She’s been at the receiving end of fatphobic comments and jokes like ‘she turns her weight into Grammys’ throughout her career; anytime her weight fluctuates, there are new memes. Like a human being is supposed to stay one size forever.

For people to say she’s ‘finally’ beautiful as if to place all her value and worth on her figure, to imply it as her biggest achievement is an insult to the past decade that was her successful career. As if her old body was wrong.

Not to mention, celebrities who succumbed to different illnesses – both physical and mental – come out better but comparatively overweight, definitely don’t get the same kind of affirmation.

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