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Producers invite Pakistani talent to India: Javed Sheikh

Producers invite Pakistani talent to India: Javed Sheikh

Pakistan’s film industry has been a rocky road from the 1980s on-wards, sadly the slow disintegration of our industry is unfortunately a reality which Pakistan was facing. During this time legends came and went. Actors, actresses, singers, directors and musicians who had formed a relationship with the film industry had come and left and some even after only a few years.

One Pakistani actor who didn’t leave and stood by this industry’s side and even attempted to change its destiny by rejecting films and creating and making a difference where he could is, Javed Sheikh.

In an interview, the veteran actor discussed about the dependence of Pakistani cinema on Indian films, the ban on Pakistani artists by Indian Producers’ Association and the talent vacuum in the Indian billion-dollar film industry.

Javed Sheikh said that Pakistani artists wish to perform in India.

 “Bollywood is a very big industry with better wages. Everyone wants to grow. The Indian film industry has better equipment and better opportunities. Pakistani artists always avail any opportunities presented to them. But they do not approach the Indian industry themselves. We get calls from Bollywood and we are requested to go and perform for specific roles. The public perception that Pakistani artists approach Indian producers is completely false”.

The actor said that the ban on Pakistani artists was imposed under political pressure.

“Of course they were pressurised. This sort of ban comes with damages at both ends. Bollywood is worth billions of dollars on its own, but they gather a lot of revenue from here. Conversely, Pakistani cinema is dependent on the Indian films. So both sides suffer when there are rifts like these”.

Javed Sheikh emphasized that Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan were not in India when they were threatened by Shiv Sena.

“This is completely untrue! Fawad and Mahira were in Karachi at the time this happened. And there is nothing to say that Mahira’s Shahrukh Khan-starrer Raees will not be released. It will be released as per schedule, as Fawad Khan’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil was released. These artists have a very strong fan following in India”.

Further he said, “This is a big step forward! Pakistani movies like Dukhtar and Moor have gained international recognition. A lot of multiplexes have been opening. The Pakistani cinema is on the rise. There are around 60-70 films in the making currently which will be released subsequently”.

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