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Sonu Nigam slams Karan Johar for insulting Mohammad Rafi

Sonu Nigam slams Karan Johar for insulting Mohammad Rafi

A dialogue in the movie ADHM, between Anushka Sharma and Ranbir Kapoor in which she said, ‘Mohammed Rafi gaatey kam, rotey zyaada the’ didn’t go well with the legendary musician’s son, Shahid Rafi, who demanded a public apology from the filmmaker and insisted that the scene should be deleted.

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Now Bollywood’s top singer, Sonu Nigam has also expressed anger over the dialogue.

“Indians were known for something called adab [manners]; that is history now. If one is okay with a similar joke on their father, there is no issue. But, you are aware that a word against one’s father’s achievements boils their blood. Rafi saab is a musical father to me and many others. How can the sons be okay with this disrespect?” asks Sonu.

He says the film’s makers were careless in making the reference to Rafi.

Sonu suggests a little more effort in improving the dialogue and the situation could have been avoided. “They could have made Ranbir respond to Anushka’s dialogue with ‘Kuch bhi mat bol, Rafi saab bahut bade singer the.’ That could have saved the situation,” he adds.

The singer, who refuses to take any ‘rubbish against the god of music fraternity’, added,” When something bad will be said about your father then obviously, you’d get hurt.” Bappi Lahiri also feels that there is no singer in the modern era who can match-up to the level of Rafi. He also attacked the dialogue writer and said that person had no knowledge of Mohammad Rafi or of music. He added that today’s generation must learn the culture of being respectful towards their elders.

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