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SRK is 'judgemental' over what?

SRK is ‘judgemental’ over what?

Shahrukh Khan has always been a trend setter. Nothing can be turned as out of place or out of fashion when King Khan is flaunting it. However, there is something he can’t wear even for a film. And that is skinny jeans!

SRK commented: “With all due respect to men, I’m judgemental about guys who wear skinny jeans. Jeans have to be loose.”

When asked about his fashion sense while growing up, he reminisced it to the days of Rishi Kapoor. “I didn’t go through fashion magazines. When I was growing up, I had copied Rishi Kapoor’s red suit from Bobby,” he says.

In his early movie times, Shahrukh Khan was labelled as ‘metro-sexual’ due to his on-screen attire. But, SRK funnily dedicates those labels to Karan Johar: “Whatever I wore in my movies was Karan’s (Johar) doing. That was the time when India wanted to become metro–sexual.”

In the end, SRK reveals that his favourite piece of clothing is a pair of Cargos. King Khan continues, “For me Josh was the highest point of fashion. I like cargos. They don’t make good cargos anymore.”

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