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What is the hidden truth behind the Wasim Akram leaked video, Find out here!

In this era, social media has become a breathing space for every individual. You not only find informative content but there is a lot to ponder upon. For instance, there is a lot of casual conversations and gossips that propagates instantly on social media especially when it is a casual conversation or a leaked video related to a celebrity, which creates curiosity amongst people to know about the facts and gain more insights related to the video.

Yesterday, a leaked video of Former Pakistani captain, Wasim Akram went viral on the social video. The video is presumably about the Pakistani cricket team where Wasim is talking about the old conventional methods that are constantly being implemented, and as he quoted how new methods and an overall new approach could be used to significantly add value. Akram stated that he has a perfect solution for this problem. In addition, he also mentions that they boast about themselves but in reality, those are just plain words.

Until yet, we do not know what the video could be about, it might be a straight forward criticism against the Pakistan Cricket Committee or the selection panel, or it could be completely a different story altogether. Shortly after the video got leaked, former fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar posted a video, where he talks about the leaked clip and supported Wasim Akram with his own perspective.

To halt the wildfire, Wasim Akram responded on Facebook yesterday, that he would be holding a press conference today at 8:50 pm to talk about the leaked video and clear all the misconception, which people are making up on their own. He also urged his fans, not to share the video until the press conference. This makes us even more curious.

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