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Zara Noor Abbas calls out the industry for body shaming her

Recently Zara Noor Abbas celebrated her birthday with her close friends. After couple of days she shared a collage from a shoot, before and after Photoshop on Instagram and calls out the industry for body shaming her.  


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Left : Photoshoped Right : Original A shoot i did sometime ago. The people involved sent me this picture and i made a collage of it. For the longest time I have heard people telling me that I am ‘ too broad ‘ or ‘ too big ‘ I was told: Sizes 4 and 6 SHOULD be my friends! I should go through body transforming surgery. A very prestigious brand didn’t want to work with me because I was not ‘ petite ‘ This disturbed me a lot on different levels but one level so loathing that I stopped liking myself wearing anything. I began to question if it was all about how I looked and not about who I am at heart or if i am talented or not. If I’d have carbs at dinner, I’d cry. If i’d have some chips to eat, people would tell to get rid of them because actresses and models dont eat. They have to look desirable. And ONLY skinny is desriable. If I had desserts, I’d hate myself later on and create an energy so negative that it effected me mentally. Then one fine day, while this was taking a huge toll on me, I looked at myself and told myself what I always believed in. Being who you are. And who am I? I am a curvy woman. And I love myself. Take me as who I am or else don’t bother at all. I will never change myself for what you think I should be. #ShameonBodyShaming

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In an elaborated post, Zara has shared that she’s been called “too big” or “too broad” by brands and had a label refuse to work with her because she’s not petite. She has also shed light upon the mental toll this attitude has had on her and the times when she cried after having a few carbs for dinner. She ends her post with her tale of self-acceptance and clear message that whoever wants to work with her must accept her as she is or move on.

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