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Zhalay Sarhadi latest character is going to remind desi woman not to be selfless to a fault !

Zhalay Sarhadi’s new drama serial, Qismat seems equally promising as her many other notable performances.

The actor is playing Mehreen, an introspective woman, hailing from a middle-class background In the upcoming Ice Media production, Actor is playing a middle class woman’s role, Mehreen. Who is an introspective woman.

“Mehreen has had an unfavourable life,” Zhalay explains, “She is constantly juggling problems related to marriage, motherhood and life itself. It’s this very struggle which pushes the story forward in Qismat. She battles for love and acceptance from her family and the story revolves around their deceit.”

Zhalay believes her character will “resonate well” with desi women who give love to everyone but forget to give love to themselves. We all know desi women are selfless to a fault.

All the ladies, please love your self. Your relationships will get fixed but first you all need to fix yourself.

Qismat is slated for Express TV. The drama is scripted by Salma Younus and directed by Musawwir Khan while production comes from the versatile actor Aijaz Aslam himself, who Sarhadi was all praise for. “I have worked with Aijaz many times but this is my first time working for his production house and my experience has been fantastic so far,” she shared.

Apart from Zhalay, the drama also features Aijaz Aslam, Mariam Tiwana, Laiba Khan, Faraz Farooqui, Ilsa Hareem, Sabeha Hashmi, Rana Shabir, Tariq Jameel, Rubina Arif, Zulqarnain Hyder, Humaira Zahid, and Sabahat Bukhari.

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