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The True Personality of Sahir Lodhi

FHM: Why is your morning show called one of the worst show that has happened to television what would you like to say about that?

People will say what they want to and honestly I don’t think this is true. I have proved it many times that this is one the best morning show. Either it be through sky rocketing ratings or the endless love from my fans who I call my friends because each and everyone is special to me. and it has been proven no matter where I go its not about the channel whether its big or small I’m going to get the numbers whether you like it or not I’m going to be there. People should not be judged whether its me or anyone else. We should learn to accept that these shows are good whether they are hosted by me or any other host and morning shows are a vital part of our entertainment. There are good shows and bad shows and one should respect them.

FHM: What do you have to say about your debut movie Raasta?

Raasta movie was not a success because there was a lot of conspiracy attached to it and a lot of harm was done to the film before it was even released I won’t go in the detail. For me being content is success and I was content about whatever I did. I’ve seen a lot of movies come after Raasta and people have praised it and by far means it was nowhere near what we had done. For me it was okay there are good days and bad days there are going to be some good movies and some bad movies.

FHM: Morning shows are known for having absolutely anything done as long as it is increasing their TRP, what are your views on that?

SL: Isn’t everything about rating? It is! Everywhere you look whether its television, journalism or any other platform. In all honesty we don’t do that especially me I don’t do anything for ratings and I’ve never done that. I do disagree there are bad shows and it happens because an experiment has gone wrong but there are billions of good shows how come no on talks about them. Morning shows and other shows have raised awareness about various issues. The problem with our nation is that they will never promote the positive thing but will be there to promote the negative points.

FHM: We recently saw your foundation going viral on Facebook how do you plan to take further?

SL: SLF was my dream and we started this about 3.5 years ago and Alhamdulillah we are running the Roshan clinic successfully which caters around 150 patients everyday with zero money charge and nothing is funded. I do it from my own pocket and Alhamdulillah we’ve catered 176,000 patients during this time period out of which 56,000 are registered patients. My dream is now to build a hospital which will consist of 25 beds and all the medical facilities are going to be provided free of cost.

FHM: Is Sahir Lodhi different from Sahir?

SL: Sahir is a different person than Sahir Lodhi, Sahir always winsin different difficult situations Sahir makes the right decision. Sahir Lodhi can go wrong but Sahir can never be wrong, the day Sahir Lodhi wins it’s going to be a really sad day so Sahir should win and Sahir Lodhi should always lose.

FHM: How would you describe your married life?

SL: My marriage has been a blessing for me Alhamdulillah. I’m sure my wife’s a better person than me and she really is. We were best friends and I had never thought I would get married to her. It’s been 11 wonderful years with her. The best part is she’s not only my wife but she’s also my best friend. I’m blessed to have her and I don’t think anyone else could have beared me for this long and I believe she’s someone I can always count on. Allhamdulillah we have also been blessed with a daughter we named her Zara.

FHM: Any advice for your fans?

SL: I never call anyone a fan I’ve always thought they are my friends and so keep working hard people will say what they want to you can’t change the world but don’t let the world change you. One day people may not get you but that’s not something that should bother you because Whatever you’re doing it’s for your own satisfaction you’re only answerable to yourself and if you think you’re doing right then keep doing it.

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