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Dilip Kumar’s wife appreciates the efforts of conserving his house in KP!

Saira Banu, wife of Indian actor, Dilip Kumar expressed her joy to a recent report of his ancestral house being purchased by the government in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and conserving it.

Thi house is around 1000 years old. She says “My heart fills up with joy each time I receive the same news about the ancestral home of Yousuf Saheb in Peshawar in northwest Frontier province which the provincial government has been repeatedly trying to turn into a monument for posterity. It has come up so many times in the past and I have appreciated the tenacity with which the government is pursuing the mission of turning the house into a museum for the public to visit and feel the vintage charm of the house where Dilip Saheb grew up like any bright boy of the province”.

She also mentioned that they visited the house some time ago and it holds a lot of sentimental values for Kumar. His childhood has been spent in that house and until now he gets teary whenever we visit.

A great initiative was taken by the government to preserve old houses given that they have a lot of history and value. We wish them the very best in this endeavour!

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