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Eat, eat, eat & stay healthy on this ‘Meaty Eid’

Today, marks the beginning of the week long festivity of Eidul Adha, Not that we know already but, Eidul Adha is all about about the meat; juicy stakes and sizzling barbecues.

No matter how much we avoid red meat all year round, on Eidul Adha all we care of is preparing ourselves for three days long celebration of feasting together!

However, amidst all that food one can never be wrong in being a bit careful with your health. So, here are some tips to keep you healthy while you enjoy your favourite occasion:

Drink plenty of water:

It’s a fact that if you are eating much more than your regular routine, the simple way to get digest your food properly is drink plenty of water. That keeps your stomach healthy.

In fact, you can also make a big jug of cold lemonade with a few mint leaves and keep drinking it before indulging in your meaty-delights. This will help with digesting your food faster.

Eat fresh fruits:

Try to eat fresh fruits that will help you increase your metabolism before that juicy meal. In fact, it is a good way to get your digestive system up and running; where fruits like grapefruit, papaya, oranges, pineapples, peaches and pears serve as perfect appetizers.

Don’t avoid fresh green leafy salads:
Pair your meal with a bowl of fresh green leafy salad, as vegetables will be maintaining water amount in your bodies. Try to use non oily dressings – the crunch with the meat will be scrumptious and healthy. Leafy salads also limit harmful effects of meat.

Try to use little oil:

Try and cook the meat with as much little oil as possible. Barbeque it, grill it, bake it, steam it but try not to fry it. Fried meat is just a stomach-disaster waiting to grab onto all your happy meals and leaving you with an Eid that’s oh surely would never want to go through. So, try to avoid it if you want to spend a healthy Eid.

Don’t burn the meat:

If you are barbequing this Eid, which you obviously are – be very careful when it comes to burning the meat as charred meat is highly carcinogenic.

Don’t use more of carbonated drinks:

Bakra Eid is the festival when we can’t say NO to carbonated drinks. Tthey have become a necessary part of our feasts for sure. But, we can use them in lesser amount along with spicy food. Few experts suggest that these drinks can be dangerous for those having problems of acidity, ulcers in stomach and small intestines. So avoid soft drinks as much as you can especially on Bakra Eid.

Drink plenty of fresh hot green tea:

After you finish your meal, simply have a hot cup of green tea which will keep your diet balanced. Undoubtedly, green tea is the healthiest beverage on the planet and also reduces your risk to various diseases.

Yes, Eid is all about gathering around with family and friends, eating away all those special made dishes and enjoying every moment well spent. But, remember to follow these simple healthy hacks to enjoy this Eid with no worries of staying behind all those juicy and tempting meals.

FHM Pakistan wishes you all a very happy and healthy Meaty EID Mubarak!

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