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How Master MoltyFoam changed the landscape of Mattress industry in Pakistan

Committed to remaining Pakistan’s Number 1 trusted brand, MoltyFoam spearheads as movers and shakers of the mattress industry.

For over 50 years, Master MoltyFoam has provided better sleep and health initiatives through technology, science and research. Taking off in 1963, Master MoltyFoam introduced the concept of foam mattresses in Pakistan. MoltyFoam soon evolved as a generic name for mattress. Before we knew it, MoltyFoam pioneered with world-class innovations offering avant-garde sleep solutions. Since then, there has been no looking back.

Aiming to create a healthier future for Pakistan, MoltyFoam continues to research, study, and innovate mattresses and sleep accessories ensuring the highest level of perfection. The launch of Pakistan’s first ever spring mattress, Master Celeste, in the 1997 is an example. Master Celeste, over the years, has today become a benchmark of luxurious sleep systems.

Excelling furthermore, Master MoltyFoam spearheaded in introducing trendsetting initiatives to fulfill their promise and commitment. Here’s what makes Master MoltyFoam the movers and shakers of mattress industry:

  • MoltyFoam’s CSR and Health Ventures: Recently making headlines by partnering with Pink Ribbon Pakistan, Master MoltyFoam played a pivotal role in observing Pinktober. Besides supporting the construction of Pakistan’s first breast cancer hospital, MoltyFoam’s pink illuminations across Pakistan found widespread appreciation. MoltyFoam’s Women of Strength is an endeavour to endorse women empowerment through which they celebrate Pakistani women.
    Through campaigns like ‘Beti Bhooj Nahi,’ MoltyFoam is proudly shaping a healthy future of the nation.
    Not to forget, MoltyFoam’s billbed campaign which carried not just the purpose of advertising the brand, but also provided a platform for a comfortable night’s sleep for the hardworking but homeless people. This campaign earned international recognition and bagged a Cannes Lion Advertisement award.
  • Master MoltyFoam’s impeccable mattress line: Launching Pakistan’s first memory foam under MoltyFoam, followed by the trendsetter spring mattress called Master Celeste, Master MoltyFoam continues to strive for better sleep solutions. Hence, every now and then, MoltyFoam announces new and well-researched technology. Fresh Guard, embedded in all mattress lines, ensures maximum hygiene leading to a healthy sleep and lifestyle. The technology protects from various bed bugs, dust-mites, fungi and bacteria that pollute our beddings.
    Molty Cool Gel is one of its kind product with 7 Zone Technology providing support to all parts of the body while reducing stress levels. The mattress, an all-star winner for hot days, is equally suitable to winter due to its technological innovation.
    The latest flare by MoltyFoam is the revolutionary Master MoltyCure that is Pakistan’s first IBT – Inclined Bed Therapy mattress. It is a miracle cure for people with reflux, heartburn and snoring. Factually speaking, most individuals who choose an inclined mattress never go back for a flat mattress again.

Additionally, to name a few, MoltyFoam’s healthcare and sleep accessories like Aloe Vera Memory Pillow, MoltyOrtho BackCare, Evolution Travel Pillow, and Cervical Collar are game-changers setting the bar high for the industry.

  • Sleep Research Foundation: Partnering with Master MoltyFoam and Master Celeste, Sleep Research Foundation is a sister concern that provides support for growth and development through sleep related endeavours.
    With health, medical and lifestyle experts on board, Sleep Research Foundation serves as a repository of knowledge and information on sleep solutions and health concerns. Offering research and initiating eye-opening discussions on crucial health problems, it connects people with experts by giving them access that is only a click away.

Master MoltyFoam has taken sleep from being a luxury to luxurious. But, it doesn’t end here. Fusing style and technology, each product is an extraordinaire. Making good sleep experience available and easily accessible to everyone, MoltyFoam introduced Pakistan’s first online mattress portal, enabling people to shop mattresses all across Pakistan from the comfort of their home.

With new trendsetting products introduced time and again, we simply cannot expect Master MoltyFoam to stop here. As they look ahead, aiming to lead towards invigorating wellness through indulgent sleep, perhaps we should expect MoltyFoam to diversify further in to the mattress industry.

After all, Master MoltyFoam’s history makes them who they are.

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