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Wearing improvised masks in public will help defeat Covid-19.A global campaign of #masks4all has started and it has produced a tremendous fall in the spread of corona cases drastically.

Fast reduction of the COVID-19 pandemic is necessary for public health and re-opening our country’s economy. There is one very helpful step everyone can take to reclaim our country from the viral invasion: All Pakistanis should wear masks in public. Everyone does not need a N95 mask, leave those forhealth care workers. Many types of masks, home-made masks can be helpful.


Countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore & Czech Republic have slowed down the spread of the virus by #Masks4All

In Taiwan and South Korea, mask-wearing has become a social necessity during this pandemic, and is required at all times, including for people who do not feel sick. Singapore has adopted pro-mask policies in response to the pandemic. The comparative international data suggest that widespread mask wearing has very large social benefits. Not specifically surgical but ANY mask that helps control the spread.


There are studies proving that even a homemade mask can be partially protective. Any protection is essential for the NEXT SEVERAL MONTHS. Once the lockdown is over, WE STILL NEED TO WEAR MASKS!

As Masks fundamentally prevent the transmission from you to others from sneezing, coughing and also breathing. It helps deter us from touching our face too much as an average person touches their face 2000 -3000 times a day.

The countries that enforced #Masks4all helped reduce the spike effectively. Together we can stop the spread and protect others

The guidance makes clear that wearing face coverings or cloth masks is an additional public health measure to prevent the spread of the virus, not a substitute for social distancing. 

Social distancing of at least six feet is still recommended even when wearing a mask. It has been emphasized that a cloth facial mask is intended not so much to protect the wearer but to help prevent people who do not know they are infected from spreading of the virus to others. 

It has been estimated that if 80% of people in our community wear a mask in public spaces, we can stop this pandemic in its tracks. Let’s get together and start making non-surgical masks at home and at work. Anyone who has fabric related machinery, at-home sewers, clothing manufacturers; everyone should make masks and distribute them as each individual counts.

This is not a personal choice issue. My health and safety requires everyone in my community to mask up. Every day we wait results in more lives lost, more people sick, more jobs lost, and more damage to our economy.

We can’t wait for our government to take these steps, we will have to take things into our own hands. We know this is possible, because the Czech Republic did it last month. In that country, people went from 0% mask use to nearly 100% mask use in three days. Then the government followed and made it the law.

Initiated by fashion designer, Maria.B , many other brands have now joined this global campaign #masks4all by manufacturing home-made masks at their factories. The idea is simple: theentire Pakistani population needs to join hands and ensure that we all wear masks in public for the next several months.

Let’s fight this virus together and keep ourselves and others safe.

Please act today. Every day counts. Start wearing masks as I protect you, you protect me. #Masks4All

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